Tower - LED Lamp


Bluetooth, cordless, rechargeable, durable, and waterproof, the Smart and Green TOWER LED model is ideal for marking a path, lighting your terrace or act as a display. The extra? Its wireless Bluetooth SmartMesh® technology allows you to control the brightness and colors of your light via your smartphone or tablet. You can also connect multiple lamps covering up to 1 mile and schedule lighting on/off scenarios. Managing the ambiance lights has never been so easy!

Energy efficient. Available in 3 sizes.


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Dimmensions: Tower S: W 6" x H 14" / Tower: W 8" x H 28" / Tower L: W 12" x H 42"
Lumens/CRI: Tower S: 93 Lumens / Tower & Tower L: 120 Lumens / 85 CRI
Power: LED. Tower S: 0.5W / Tower & Tower L: 1.2W / 110-240V. 8 hours autonomy. Charging time: 6 hours
Light Source: Tower S: Bulblite / Tower & Tower L: Bulb. 3 intensities
Cord Length: Cordless
IP Rating: IP68. Indoor/Outdoor
Certifications: UL - CE - FCC - RoHS
Finish: White with transitions between 160,000 colors / 7 preset colors
Material: White Polyethylene