Discover Smart & Green Connected Lamps

LED lighting that goes anywhere—referred as well as "nomad lighting". Cordless, energy efficient, waterproof, durable and bluetooth, the lamps offer unlimited colors.

For your garden, patio, pool but also for restaurants and hotels, the Smart & Green lamps diffuse a pleasant light which add a new decorative dimension to any spaces.

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Bluetooth SmartMesh® Technology

Established in France, Smart & Green has been providing LED and Bluetooth lighting for indoors and outdoors since 2008.

Smart & Green offers a new way to manage lighting: the Bluetooth SmartMesh®. This Bluetooth technology has the special ability to make lamps communicate with each other (network of over 50 lamps) covering a distance up to 0.5 mile!

You can now control all your Smart & Green lamps from any smartphone or tablet via the mobile app.