Tower - LED Lamp


We're sorry, the 30" High Tower is out-of-stock at the moment. It will be back in stock mid-September. You can still place your order, we will process it and will ship it as soon as we have it in stock.


Bluetooth, cordless, rechargeable, durable, and waterproof, the Smart and Green TOWER LED model is ideal for marking a path, lighting your terrace or act as a display. The extra? Its wireless Bluetooth SmartMesh® technology allows you to control the brightness and colors of your light via your smartphone or tablet. You can also connect multiple lamps covering up to 1 mile and schedule lighting on/off scenarios. Managing the ambiance lights has never been so easy!

Energy efficient. Available in 3 sizes.


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Dimmensions: Tower S: W 6" x H 14" / Tower: W 8" x H 28" / Tower L: W 12" x H 42"
Lumens/CRI: Tower S: 93 Lumens / Tower & Tower L: 120 Lumens / 85 CRI
Power: LED. Tower S: 0.5W / Tower & Tower L: 1.2W / 110-240V. 8 hours autonomy. Charging time: 6 hours
Light Source: Tower S: Bulblite / Tower & Tower L: Bulb. 3 intensities
Cord Length: Cordless
IP Rating: IP68. Indoor/Outdoor
Certifications: UL - CE - FCC - RoHS
Finish: White with transitions between 160,000 colors / 7 preset colors
Material: White Polyethylene